Nowata Press (Ms. Dana Ellington) has partnered with Marietta Community School for years now. She is very dedicated to her passion and students that have the pleasure of being a part of her class. She comes highly recommended and still to this day contributes to writing course for adults here at MCS. If you have the chance to work with or take a class from Ms. Ellington you will be in for a treat!

 Elliot Paulk

Community School Coordinator

Marietta Community School

A Partnership Made in Georgia

From Blank Page to Published in 6 Months or Less isn’t just an empty promise; if you follow our proven method, you too can finally publish the book of your dreams. But don’t just take our word for it…


I started my journey in February 2016 and decided, as I went through trying to formulate my book, to get some words of encouragement and honestly, help because I thought I was doing ok.  Nowata’s workshop (How to Write and Publish a Novel in Six Months or Less) and one-on-one sessions helped me so much because I was able to take each discussion and apply something to my finished product.  I am happy to say following the steps (from the workshop), I was able to complete my first book in 6 months.

My self-published first book, In Safe Arms was completed in November 2016 and I was selected to become a part of a set of local independent authors to be featured in the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Colorado.

Also in November 2016 I started another 6 month writing journey by completing NaNoWriMo and my second book, Naomi’s Tide will be out June 2017.

I think the most important thing I took from my experience is that giving up is a choice.  There are so many people, places and things that are out there just waiting for your imagination to take hold of it that the possibilities are endless to create something beautiful.

Willmetta Owens

It Really Can Be Done…