Services – How May We Help You

Nowata Press offers a variety of services for the new writer.

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Workshops can be held as 90 minute sessions or spread out as 60 minute sessions over a span of six weeks.

From Blank Page to 50K+ Word Draft : Workshop for new writers who wish to establish a writing practice.  Includes:
* idea generation / development
* learning and understanding writing style
* plotting techniques

From Draft to Published: Tips, tools, and suggestions for the next steps after you’ve completed your 1st draft. Includes information / resources for –
* Editing
* Formatting
* Print Options

Getting the Word Out – Marketing 101 : Development of a simple, quick start marketing plan for your book. 

How to Write and Publish a Novel in Six Months or Less (our Premiere workshop) : The full process, from inception to holding your printed book in your hands; a combination of all the coaching workshops offered through Nowata Press.


Processes / Production

Editing: 3-Pass Editing process of finished draft:
* Line / Copy Edit – check for grammatical / spelling / word choice errors
* Developmental Edit – read for story flow / continuity / plot cohesion
* Beta Read – critique / final check for grammatical / spelling / word choice errors

Formatting: Formatting the finished manuscript so it’s ready for print and / or Kindle eBook (Amazon) upload

Book Production: Oversee final production of print book and or upload of Kindle eBook to Amazon.  Includes Editing and Formatting as described above.

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